2MCR Macarthur Community Radio 100.3FM : 2MCR Logo
2MCR Macarthur Community Radio 100.3FM : 2MCR
2MCR Macarthur Community Radio 100.3FM : 2MCR
2MCR Macarthur Community Radio 100.3FM : 2MCR
2MCR Macarthur Community Radio 100.3FM : 2MCR
2MCR Macarthur Community Radio 100.3FM : 2MCR

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All the monthly markets start in February, Picton on the 1st Sunday,* Wilton on the 3rd Sunday* plus the AOOB will be at Harvey Norman carpark with their sausage sizzle on the last Saturday of each month raising money for Kids with Special Needs.*


Stay tuned to 100.3fm for Community events happening this week in Macarthur

 Events with * means 100.3fm will be at this event 


Listen to Community News on 100.3fm for more details



Macarthur Community Radio

 Campbelltown, Camden and Wollondilly's Radio Station

Welcome to 100.3fm 2MCR .... Proudly Born And Bred in Macarthur and continuously serving the  Region since 1989.

Click on the icon.
This will download a file called playlist(XX).asx to your PC and when you click on the file, Windows Media Player opens with our station playing. You may be asked by Windows if you want to save the file which you can do, to your desktop to keep and just click on that file anytime you want to listen to us.

For help, questions and answers about listening live click on the following link.
Listening Live FAQ's

Listen to an interview by Dave Anger who is talking to Megan, a Mother of two children with Sanfilippo Syndrome. This is an amazing interview, we urge you to give up 5 minutes NOW!
                                               Click Here

Check out the Foundation aims here... www.sanfilippo.org.au/

We would like to introduce the new 2014-2015 Committee to you.
President  Mike Runcorn.
Vice President  Rodney Simpson
Treasurer Robyn Manning.
Secretary Vanessa McDermott
Committee Members Alex Parker, David Anger, Glenn Longbottom, Ray Standen, Michael Hayes and Britton Morrison.

A great team, each with skills, dedication and commitment to our humble Community Radio Station. A big thank you to the outgoing Committee for their work over the past year and all the volunteers who presented programs or helped in the office. A big thank you to our sponsors, the life blood of every Community Station and a very special thanks to all our listeners from every corner of the world. You are the reason we are still here after 25 years. Hopefully, we can continue to give you quality programs for the next 25 years.


Come join all the fun on our own FB page. Just click on the facebook picture,
and away you go.

For the latest Macarthur weather, Head to the bottom of the page.

Just in, check this link for the Winners, Grinners and Honorable Mentions from Australia and New Zealand in this years US based Unsigned Only Music Competition


100.3 TURNS 25

 100.3FM are celebrating 25 years of broadcasting and serving the Macarthur Region. We had our 25th Anniversary Luncheon at Tabcorp Paceway, Menangle Park on Saturday 23rd August. Around 200 people, including many of our listeners, members and sponsors enjoyed a day of good food, great entertainment and lots of stories from over the last 25 years. Big thanks to our Secretary, Marie Rutledge for organising the event with a great team of helpers, Rodney Simpson for his brilliant job of collating photos, news clipping and videos from over the years and presenting a great visual history for all to see and Barry Prince, one of our presenters, who is a man of many talents. He is a gifted painter and surprised many at the luncheon with a wonderful 5 foot wide painting, depicting the journey that 100.3FM had taken from it's inception until today. This painting will be hung proudly in the studios for all to see. Finally, photos of the day and a narration is being collected and will be on this website shortly.


We at 100.3fm the sounds of macarthur would like to know WHAT IS YOUR SOUND?

Everyone has a favourite sound of music that suits them. Some people like more sounds then others. We really dont mind what ever your sound is, we would like to know.

This information will be a great use to us making 100.3fm better for the future.

So click on the survey picture. 

All details given are for station use only and not passed onto any other group/Organization's.


The Role of 100.3fm Macarthur's Community Radio

“Community Radio provides a service to the community that in some cases can not be met by commerical radio. 100.3fm 2mcr is a radio station for the Macarthur community that is run by the people of the Macarthur and surrounding communities."

100.3fm broadcasts a wide range of programmes including:

  • national news and current affairs

  • community information

  • sports updates

  • various music programmes from all genres of music

Community News

If you are a non-profit organisation and wish to promote your community event,

100.3 FM can help you with that at no charge.

Please click on the Community News page and submit your event.

Outside Broadcast Team

 100.3fm can help with your event by providing music from our outside broadcast unit... We can also broadcast our shows live from your event (conditions apply). Contact the Station for more details.


 Latest 100.3fm News

Fresh from the Tamworth Country Music Festival Presenters Britton Morrison and Jane Kellaway were honoured with awards. Britton was inducted  into the Broadcasters Hall of Fame and Jane was Peoples Choice most popular Country DJ. Jane has also become one of the Good Morning Country presenters on Thursday mornings and Mike Stewart has joined the team on Friday mornings. 100.3FM now enjoys the privilage of presenting THREE National shows each week with Thursday and Friday Good Morning Country plus the long running Mike McColl Show on Saturday afternoons at 1pm. No small feat for a local Community Station.

The Logo below is very important. With digital radio looking like it maybe the future of radio in sydney, we need to make sure that there is room for Community groups like 100.3fm to be able to be heard and the Sounds of Macarthur on the airways. We currently dont know what the Federal goverments full plans are yet but we think you should know a bit more by looking at this website.


100.3fm is proud to be part of these Groups



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2MCR Macarthur Community Radio 100.3FM : 2MCR
2MCR Macarthur Community Radio 100.3FM : 2MCR
2MCR Macarthur Community Radio 100.3FM : 2MCR
2MCR Macarthur Community Radio 100.3FM : 2MCR
2MCR Macarthur Community Radio 100.3FM : 2MCR